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To ignite a vibrant Pacific spark in Australia, where the spirit of the Cook Islands shines through captivating experiences, fostering enduring connections and inspiring sustainable growth.



  • Empower: Empower Cook Islands and Pacific Island individuals in Australia to thrive, sharing their talents and enriching the cultural landscape.

  • Celebrate: Celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Cook Islands traditions and contemporary expressions through immersive live performances, educational programs, and community engagement.

  • Connect: Bridge the gap between Cook Islands and Australian communities, fostering mutual understanding,respect, and collaborative spirit.

  • Sustain: Champion sustainable development in the Cook Islands, promoting responsible tourism, empowering local communities, and protecting the environment.


  • Integrity and honesty: We heavily rely on referrals and ensure our performances are of high quality. 

  • Mana: Respect and honor the rich heritage and unique spirit of the Cook Islands.

  • Inclusion and Diversity: Foster a strong sense of community, collaboration, and belonging with acceptance to all persons of different ethnicities to learn and disperse the Cook Islands Culture.

  • Innovation: Embrace creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence through a contemporary imersed approach to traditional teachings.

  • Environmental sustainability: Protect and nurture the environment, promoting responsible practices and sustainable development.

  • Progress: Strive for excellence, resilience, and a lasting impact.

These values guide every aspect of Manea Pacifica's work, ensuring that everything we do upholds the traditions and spirit of the Cook Islands while contributing to a flourishing future for both communities.

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